The only academic journal dedicated to scholarship on
heresy, blasphemy, and unbelief.

The Journal of Heresy Studies is a blind-peer-reviewed interdisciplinary academic journal. We encourage submissions from scholars in a variety of academic fields including but not limited to literary studies (in any language or genre), art history, religious studies, secular studies, theology, history, philosophy, psychology, sociology, humanism and any other related disciplines. The journal does not focus on any particular time period, though it is possible that there may be themed editions which a focus on particular periods, disciplines or methodologies. Submissions should demonstrate a relationship to the themes of heresy, blasphemy, unbelief, or religious heterodoxy whether in an organized community or in the wider culture. The journal takes no ideological stance and makes no value judgments as to the concept of heresy in general or towards particular heresies. The only standards that are upheld concern the academic rigor and intellectual originality of the submissions.