Call for Papers

Journal of Heresy Studies

Special Issue:  “Modernity and Profanity: Continuities and Discontinuities”

Modernity is often seen as inversely correlated to the sacred in the sense that modernity and secularity—even profanation— appear to be moving in synchronicity with one another. Indeed, ideas of blasphemy and profanation have been used by thinkers like Giorgia Agamben and Jacques Berlinerblau to frame the narrative of modernity and to characterize the cultural history of the 20th century. However, political and cultural theorists have also illuminated the ways in which concepts and practices that appear secular/profane still reflect the theological language of orthodoxy and heresy. And rather than seeing modernity as breaking with theological thought, authors like Slavoj Žižek, Mark C. Taylor, and Michael Allen Gillespie have emphasized the ubiquity and inescapability of Christian or religious ways of thinking. For this issue, the Journal of Heresy Studies is looking for cross- and interdisciplinary submissions from 15-25 pages that address modernity/modernist studies, and their relationship to conceptual, textual, and historical aspects of blasphemy, sacrilege, heresy, and orthodoxy.

Submission deadline: January 15, 2015.
How to submit: Send complete papers to Bernard Schweizer at

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