Submission Guidelines

All submissions should be in English and consistently follow:

The reference system of the MLA (The Publication Manual of the Modern Language Association. See the MLA for more information.)

Article submissions are normally between 15-25 pages, book reviews between 2-3 pages.

The Journal of Heresy Studies retains the right to archive and distribute publications via the world-wide web (open access). It is the author’s responsibility to receive copyright from any material that is not in the public domain.

To submit your article, send as a Word document attachment to the Editor-in-Chief Bernard Schweizer.

 Editorial Process

1. The Editor-in-Chief decides if the submission is suitable to be sent out to peer review.

2. The Editor-in-Chief will notify the author if their paper will continue on to peer review.

3. The Assistant Editor Edward Simon, in consultation with the Editor-in-Chief, selects two suitable peer reviewers. The peer-reviewers are chosen from the members of the Editorial Board; where appropriate, experts not affiliated with the Journal will be consulted.

4. The peer-review process is double-blind, i.e. the author does not know the identity of the reviewers and the reviewers are unaware of who the author is.

5. The Editor-in-Chief will communicate the outcome of the peer review process (accept “as is,” accept with revisions; revise and resubmit; reject) to the author within six months of the initial submission.

Statement of Principle:

The Journal of Heresy Studies does not charge any fees for publishing in its venue, and the Journal of Heresy Studies does not solicit publications from scholars. The journal adheres to rigorous standards of academic work, and it upholds the integrity of independent research while fostering the advancement of knowledge.