Society for Heresy Studies

Mission Statement

International Society for Heresy Studies

  • To serve as an intellectual home for scholars and writers who work at the intersection of literature or art and heresy/blasphemy/unbelief.
  • To be an inclusive non-sectarian organization that, while focusing on ideas that trouble religion, takes religion seriously. A society, in other words, that seeks and rewards subtlety where questions of religion and irreligion are concerned.
  • To be an organization for free-thinkers that focuses on literature and art (a rarity these days).
  • To serve as a platform for artists whose work gives expression to blasphemous, irreverent, iconoclastic, and heretical perspectives.
  • While not gratuitously politicizing, the Society should be willing to take positions on issues of importance to heresy, blasphemy, and unbelief., i.e. to play a public role to defend the principles to which the Society is committed.
  • The Society should be inclusive, welcoming literary scholars as well as philosophers, (rebel) theologians, writers, artists, and public intellectuals who have something substantial to say to the nexus of religion, heresy, and literature/art.